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Laser Cutting & Engraving

Closeup of laser-cutting process

Laser Cutting & Engraving

Laser cut acrylic is just one more way for KHM to run small quantities at fair prices.

Laser cutting and engraving provide KHM a platform from which it can offer a whole new set of services that can't be delivered with a CNC or conventional machining methods.  Since its inception, the laser department has quadrupled its capacity.  The department now houses a total of 4 machines.  Though not suitable for all materials, laser cutting and engraving are just a couple more ways KHM can better service its customers.


  • 1-  4' x 8' Kern Laser (150  Watt)
  • 1-  4' x 4' Coherent Laser (150 Watt)
  • 1-  4' x 4' Coherent Laser (250 Watt)
  • 1-  Epilog Engraver - .030 thru .250  3/8 & 1/2" dependent upon      material and construction (40 Watt)

When it comes to cutting letters, intricate panels, or square corners, the lasers are anything but conventional.  Consequently, we're always looking for that next challenge.

Laser cut acrylic
Laser cutting machine
Man opperating a laser cutting machine
Omnibeam laser cutting machine

The KHM Idea Team

We understand an idea is only as good as the revenue it helps generate and whatever the need, KHM is here to help.

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