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Closeup of drilling machining


At KHM, we recognize the quality of the finished part lies in the accuracy of the machined component.

In order to meet the ever increasing demands of customers, KHM Plastics is constantly evaluating our equipment.  Our latest acquisition, an Onsrud multi-tool change CNC router, with a 4' x 8' bed, replaced a CNC put in service 18 years earlier.  Our industry demands quality parts, machined with quality cutting tools.  At KHM, we pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest developments in cutting tool technology.


  • 4 CNC Routers (Bed Sizes: 48” x 96”, 59.5” x 119”, 60.5” x 122”, 48 x 96”) All with multi-tool capacity
  • 1 Giben Computerized Panel Saw (Max Cutting: 126” x 130” x 2 ¾” Thick)
  • 1 Hedrick Panel Saw (Max Cutting: 96” x 112” x 1” Thick)
  • 3 Onsrud Inverted Pin Routers
  • 5 Table Saws
  • 3 Drill Presses
  • 1 Jet Band Saw
  • 3 Planers (2-10" and 1-8")
  • 4 Edge Routers
  • 1 Dual Head Polishing Wheel
  • 1 Diamond Edge Finisher
Overhead shot of CNC Machine
Closeup shot of CNC Machine
Closeup of CNC Router
Worker operating a CNC Machine
Worker operating a drill press
Overhead shot of CNC Machine room
Worker operating a CNC router

The KHM Idea Team

We understand an idea is only as good as the revenue it helps generate and whatever the need, KHM is here to help.

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